BROTHER SUKANT CHANDAN HAS BEEN ARRESTED. Under section 18 of the Malicious Communications Act, for a comment made on facebook. He was arrested at home with his family at around 5pm yesterday, by 5-6 police officers. Around 15 officers then turned up at his house again in the middle of the night (12.30am), and 5-6 of them went inside to conduct a search for around 45 minutes. WE WILL BE CALLING A DEMONSTRATION TONIGHT IF HE IS NOT RELEASED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF HIS ARREST - please spread the word and be ready to attend, at Southall police station, at 6.30pm tonight. This is the new era of internet crackdowns that Theresa May promised in France two weeks ago. The charges will not come to anything. But police have now clearly been instructed to harass activists and their families over political statements they have made.


And of course the fascist Tory government of Theresa May goes after left-wing activists but leaves the ultra-rightwing white supremacist fascist scum (not to mention all manner of takfiri supremacist demons) running crazy all over the UK at the moment completely alone. After all her government is now in a formal coalition with Ulster fascists, and the real enemies of the Tory fascist state are the Left and not takfiris nor neo-Nazis.

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