The Dark Side of Enlightenment (with Branco Malić), Part 1

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Part one of two-part conversation with Branco Malić, on being a half-baked academic, egos in alt- media, George Bataille and taboo,  Heidegger and post-modernist nihilism, cutting through left and right, Alexander Dugin, Jeffrey Kripal, mapping an ideologue, trauma and neo-Satanism, the ideology of tyranny, subversion of the mainstream, movement from fringe to center, identity politics, language infiltration, Order of the 9 Angles, false dichotomies, National Socialism and the fringe, identifying with one’s internet avatar, Dugin and the Russian deep state, sea and land at war, William Sims Bainbridge & audience cults, the question of the elite, the zeitgeist, an apocalyptic mindset, Trump-as-messiah, Kek and post-human cyber-sorcery, synchronicity as the way down, a real delusion, synchromysticism as the flip side of nihilism, marijuana and a self-generated matrix, the devil as the ultimate conspiracy theory, the birth of conspiracy theory, the French revolution, the secularization process, the Illuminati, the dark side of the enlightenment, fear & control, the significance of evil, influencing the imagination.

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