Orthodox Christianity is the 21st century face of fascism

I am going to offend and piss off a group of people with this post, and this is intentional. Eastern Orthodox Christianity maintains a beautiful and deep theological christology predicated as it is upon Neoplatonism. If I had been a Christian, I would certainly belong to this branch of the greater Christian family rather than either the Roman Catholic or Protestant ones. Be that as it may, as deep and sophisticated Eastern Orthodox Christianity may be doctrinally in comparison to either Roman Catholicism or Protestantism, in practice there abides a deep, stinking rot within the heart of the specifically Greek, Russian and Serbian Orthodox churches. 

As the case of the Yugoslav war showed among Serbian ultra-nationalists in the 1990s, and now with the Anglo-American alt-right who have appropriated Orthodox Christianity as their religious mascot of choice, Orthodox Christians are among the most racist, Islamophobic, white supremacist, genocidal and triumphalist Christians there are. People like to blame the Catholic Church for all the ills of christendom. At least since the rise of the Romanov Tsar Peter, Orthodox Christians have in many cases been just as bad if not far worse than their Roman Catholic counterparts. All of the anti-Jewish pogroms of the Tsarist period were instigated by the Russian Orthodox Church. The genocidal holocaust committed by the Tsarist Russian forces in the Caucuses against Muslims after Turkemanchai and Golestan in the early 1800s had the full nod and blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church (i.e. industrial mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Muslims by the Tsarists of WWII proportions).

Then you look at Anglo-American converts to Russian Orthodox Christianity from Seraphim Rose to Matthew Heimbach and you realize that this church and its doctrine are in actuality a menace to God and humanity alike and precisely what Henry Corbin meant when he called the church "ahriman" (the devil) since like attracts like.

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