Clowns of Amerikkka Internationale: Meditations on the Michael Muhammad Knight archetype

Well in Tolkien’s (obviously quasi-Shia theology) it was the 14 Valar who as emanations of Eru Iluvatar authored creation. They are Light. Melkor was the first emanation but not among the 14 Valar. And is their counter point and actually had a portion of all their powers. He is darkness. The difference is only the 14 Valar are able to create. And what they make is inherently beautiful. Melkor, try as he might, could not create anything. He could only take what the Valar create and corrupt it into evil. This is Tolkien’s explanation for evil. That evil cannnot create it can only corrupt what is good. And how is this not the white man ? He can not create revelatory truth. He can only absorb what world traditions produce but thrust them into perverted formulations (eg. New Agers, Bahais and Perennialists 101).

Look at this pattern. Raised liberal Catholic. Rejects it. Meddles with Protestanism and then goes atheist. Becomes Theravada Buddhist, the most exoteric, literalist brand of Buddhism. Somehow rediscovers God. Meddles with Salafi Islam, becomes a protestant Shi’ite. Become a Waqifi…Then a Mutazilite. And of course has experimented with countless theologies in between these phases. I have a list of archetypes of people I meet. And this archetype is always AmeriKKKans…They are damned in never being able to be stable in anything. Always changing or evolving theologies. That Nathan Abookire is like this too. Years ago he was changing theologies like literally on a weekly basis. And admits despite it all he remains a passionate agnostic. Now this guy Nick Orzech is exactly the same. A hyper perennialist Sufi. Constantly demanding Muslims accept that no religion can be absolutely true and we must accept religion on perennialist terms. Thomas and I have talked about this, and how he has seen people like this all his life. About how we all see these people illustrate a deep seated need to tear down people’s cherished beliefs. Like a colonial impulse to educate us about what our religion truly is. And it is always a white European male who fits this archetype. Always changing or questioning standard theology and tradition. Always trying to eat it all, trying to have it all. Both the New Age and Perennialism [i.e. Traditionalism] are not more than leftwing and rightwing versions of the same thing. And guess which demographic consumes both? White women will be more new agey while white males will be more into perennialism [i.e. Traditionalism], possibly due to masculinity issues. But it is a civilization problem. Hence the stat that the average amerikkkan changes churches over 10 times in a lifetime. And this only reinforces Imam Sadiq’s (ع) demand that we should properly screen people before letting them in.
~ Noman Nazir

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