Sharaf-i-Shams mubārak (the 19th of Farvardīn or the 19th degree of Aries)

In the Name of God and by/in God and from God and to God in what God hath willed! O God, verily I beseech Thee on this exalted solar day, which is the nineteenth degree of the constellation of Aries, by Thy Name, the Greatest, the Most Mighty, the Most Tremendous, the Most Majestic, the Beneficent, that Thou bless and give salutations to Muḥammad and the Family of Muḥammad and the Shiʿi of Muḥammad in every moment, before every moment and after every moment! No other god is there besides Thee, glorified art Thou and high art Thou! Thou art unchanged in Thy Pre-Eternity and unchangeable in Thy Post-Eternity! Sanctified art Thou, O God, for the Dominion and the Mightiness is Thine, verily Thou art the Lord of the Worlds! 

بسم الله و بالله و مِن الله و الى الله و ما شاء الله، اللهمّ انّي اسئلك في هذا اليوم الشّريف الشّمسانية الّذي التّاسعة و عشرة درجة من برج الحمل بِاسمك الاعظم الاعظيم الاعزّ الاجل الكريم ان تصلي و تسلم على محمّد و آل محمّد و شيعة محمّد في كل حين و قبل حين و بعد حين  لا اله الا انت سبحانك و تعاليت  لم تزل في ازليتك و لا تزال في ابديتك قدسانك يا الله فالمُلك و العظمة لك انّك انت ربّ العالمين

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