Dialectical Theophanology

So I am coining a new neologism to reflect the kind of process metaphysics informing the process social theory I am developing, where Karl Marx and Ibn ʿArabī (ر), Rosa Luxemburg, Antonio Gramsci, Mullā Ṣadrā (ر) and ِShaykh Aḥmad al-Aḥsāʾī (اعلى الله مقامه) get to converse with each other: Dialectical Theophanology. Why not good old fashioned 'Idealism' or 'Realism' to the dialectics? Because Idealism/Realism from Plato to Hegel is a somewhat static conception of process, whether in the realm of material phenomena or that of the unseen noumena. The concept of Theophany (tajallī) in Islamic metaphysics, on the other hand, offers a far more dynamic lens for a person such as myself to analyze the world and unlike either Marx or Hegel it is actually tethered to a coherent ontological and multilayered perspective on existence itself. With Shaykhi reverse hylomorphism informing both the logic and the metaphysical cosmology, while recalibrating Islamic Neoplatonism itself, this Dialectical Theophanology gets even more dynamic when applied to analyses of material and immaterial forces simultaneously. 

This is obviously still a work in progress.

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