An Ismāʿīlī khabar attributed to the 5th Imām (ع)

Glory be to the One before whom every Veil that I lifted I discovered a closed Gate and for every closed Gate that I encountered I discovered another Veil! Glory be to the One the culmination of whose search is the Path from Its intending to Its Light!" ~ the 5th Imām (ع), Ismāʿīlī ḥadīth (my trans.)

سبحان مَن كلّما رفعت عنه حجاباً انكشف لي منه باب و كلّما باب فرعت عليه باباً ظهر منه حجاب، سبحان مَن منتهي طالبيه و مصير مِن قصده الى نوره - امام محمّد الباقر ع

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