Back in Australia. Here is why...

After nearly eight years of being away, Nuri and I safely arrived in Australia last Monday night local time (9 December 2019). Here is why we are back here – permanently – since people are wondering and keep asking me.

Many of you already know about the passing of my late wife Roya in March. We have returned to Australia as a consequence of malevolent dirty politics played on the part of the local bureaucracy in Berlin, Germany that steadily put both my daughter and I in serious danger almost immediately after Roya passed away. Much of it had to do with the public anti-far-right activism of both Roya and I throughout much of the period we lived there, together with the fact that the area of Berlin we lived in steadily since September 2017 became one of the only AfD electorates and strongholds in the city. We did see the writing on the wall in early 2015 when a hijabi woman waiting for a tram outside our balcony window was verbally harassed (and nearly sexually assaulted) by a drunk racist outside at the tram stop overlooking the balcony, with this degenerate doing Hitler salutes and rambling on about killing all immigrants and Muslims with not a single person doing anything to help this woman until Roya and I stuck our heads out and did something.

So let me now put this out there: as I have said consistently since last March, I believe Roya was murdered and I believe (just like the NSU murders of the last decade that the German system covered up for over a decade until they could no longer) that the behavior of the Berlin District Attorney’s office (Staatsanwaltschaft) is following the exact same textbook pattern of denial and cover-up as the one that prevailed for a decade over the NSU murders. Let me quote here now the section on "Suspicions of State Complicity" in the NSU murders wikipedia entry:

One of the more controversial subjects to come to light during the NSU murder trial is the level of cooperation and support that neo-Nazi informants and organizations receive from the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany's domestic security agency. The BfV began cultivating informants from Germany's neo-Nazi groups in the early and mid-1990s to deal with the rise in anti-immigrant crime like the Rostock-Lichtenhagen riots of 1992.[8] During the trial it became clear that BfV informants were aware or potentially aware of the homicides and other crimes attributed to the NSU and that this information was not shared with local police.[8] Reports exist that one undercover intelligence agent, who harbors right-wing sympathies, was at the site of one of the murders.[5] The agent was known in the village where he grew up as "little Adolf" in his youth.[29]
At the trial, members of the BfV admitted to shredding files on NSU informants after the crimes of the terrorist group were exposed.[7] Families of the victims have accused the office of trying to protect the identity of informants.[7] Criticism led to the voluntary resignation of its president Heinz Fromm in 2012.[30]
In December 2018, five German police officers were suspended from their posts after Seda Basay-Yildiz, a Turkish-German lawyer who had defended the family of one of the victims of the NSU, was faxed a death threat against her two-year-old daughter. The fax was signed "NSU 2.0".[31] An investigation concluded that, just before the fax was sent, a Frankfurt police computer had accessed a confidential database to obtain Basay-Yildiz's address. The phones of the police officers who were on duty at the moment were confiscated, and it was found that many were exchanging racist and far-right messages in a group chat,[31] and posting pictures of Hitler and swastikas.[32]
A few months before, a scandal broke out when it was discovered that special forces officers used "Uwe Böhnhardt" (after one of the NSU murderers) as a codename during a visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.[33]

Also see.
What this means is that the local Berlin District Attorney’s office (Staatsanwaltschaft) appears to be covering up information regarding Roya’s passing – and my contention that Roya was murdered, evidently by the German far-right but with the collusion of other parties from behind the scenes – and that this local bureaucracy (and specifically the Berlin DA’s office) has since September 2017 been steadily infiltrated by the AfD and other far-right sympathizers acting covertly within the system who are pursuing policies targeting their political enemies, especially Leftists not to mention immigrants and asylum seekers. No need to mention that the hand of Putinist Russia and the networks connected to Aleksandr Dugin were most definitely involved in this, not to mention the Haifan Baha’is who have been documented to collude with the above given that Israel is the nexus which unites all European fascists together with the Russians as well as the Haifan Baha’is.

After Nuri first alerted me on the night of Roya’s passing that her mother was not responding, my initial gut feeling and suspicion in the first few minutes after I had found Roya in that state was that someone or something had gotten to her and done something during the course of the day, and that this was indeed a homicide and not a natural death. One suggestion by a medical expert in August was that it could have been done by some kind of weaponized potassium. Because there was no solid lead at the time, initially we also thought that perhaps the anti-parasitic cream she had been using which contained the active ingredient permethrin may have triggered some kind of chemical reaction that lead to Roya’s death. But as it turned out, the percentage of permethrin in the cream was so low (less than 5%) that this nexus was soon ruled out. The toxicology also found no traces of it in her system. The reasoning around permethrin was due to Roya’s history with asthma, which this chemical is known to fatally aggravate in some people. But in order to do that, the active ingredient needs to be well above 25-30% and not below only 5%.

That aside, for a week after Roya’s passing, and under the direction of the Berlin District Attorney’s office (Staatsanwaltschaft), everything was suddenly shut off for us and inexplicably rights were taken away. As a result I had no access to bank accounts nor was anyone in the hospital system allowed to give me any written confirmation regarding Roya’s death. However, even though the ambulance chief medic acted like a complete dick on his way out of our flat trying to accuse me, the police themselves very quickly ruled me out as suspect less than 24 hours after it happened. It was later claimed that due to Roya’s age of 51, as a matter of routine a spouse or partner is considered the first suspect in an untimely death until proven otherwise, this being a justification for the DA’s actions.

Yet to the shock of almost everyone higher up than them in the German system, and without explanation, the DA’s office took away many of our constitutionally guaranteed rights during this first week. It was only during the following week that they lifted the block, and only hours before a deadline where the pathology morgue Roya was being kept at threatened us with a state cremation of Roya’s remains with a burial in an undisclosed location if we did not inform them of our funeral plans even though it was the DA’s block on all the information which was responsible for us failing to do so. No need to mention that this pathology morgue works directly with the DA. Luckily we stopped that process dead in its tracks in the last minute and got to organizing Roya’s funeral (and her remains transferred to a facility which was overseen by the funeral home we ended up working with). Roya was finally buried on the 4th of April 2019, 23 days after she passed away.

Since the end of March 2019 I started writing letters to the DA asking them to release the documentation regarding Roya’s post-mortem which I am entitled to by law. Four letters over a four month period were written by myself to the DA without response or acknowledgement by them. In late June a friend who worked for the hospital Roya was taken to in Berlin managed to somehow get a hold of the reference number for her file and we started badgering the DA’s office until in late August they finally sent me the coroner and toxicologist’s reports. 

The coroner’s report, one of the most shoddy autopsy reports ever written, claims that the cause of Roya’s death was hyperglycemia/hypoglycaemia and the early onset of diabetes (in other words, the claim is that Roya had had a diabetic stroke). 

But this conclusion is directly contradicted by the toxicologist

Moreover, the DA’s office failed to send all of the medical documentation, including the results for all of the tests undertaken by the toxicologist -- and until only one week before we left Germany. Nor did they include the report by the ambulance and ER room in the initial batch they sent out in August. This came only two weeks ago. There is a requirement in German law that all of these medical reports be included in the batch they send out. The Berlin DA did not do this, and has since consistently refused to forward any further documentation simply by ignoring all requests until two weeks ago they sent out some material on the third request of Roya’s GP.

Besides this, there were also countless anomalies within the initial report itself. One of these was that the length of Roya’s hair was two inches shorter in the report than when the ambulance people carried her out of our Berlin flat in the early morning hours of 12 March 2012. There is no explanation for this other than that her body was tampered with without this being noted; and since this is the case, what else have they not noted? There is also no mention in the coroner's report that Roya had had a cardiac arrest. Yet this is what I observed within the first minute after I found her, it is what our neighbor observed as well as what the emergency ambulance team observed on their first examination. Complete silence by the coroner's report on this specific issue then raises serious questions regarding the professional credibility of the state coroner and their autopsy.

Soon after receiving the autopsy report in August, I immediately took a copy to Roya’s local GP. He was shocked by what he read, and pointed out that (besides this being one of the most amateurish and unprofessional coroner’s reports he had ever seen), the medical conclusions given by the state coroner are impossible given that he (i.e. Roya’s GP) had made a blood test of Roya in January – two months before her passing. He showed me the results of this blood test which indicate that Roya’s blood sugar levels were normal and nowhere near a diabetic level, let alone a fatal one. It is true that diabetes is a silent killer; but in the entire history of the disease, no one has reached a fatal diabetic level within only two months! This GP wrote a formal letter to the DA disputing the coroner’s findings and conclusions, demanding a copy of all other medical documentation.

The response of the DA to him, and received only a week before we left (albeit the date states it was written by them in September), was that on the DA's instructions the coroner only set out to determine whether Roya was a victim of a violent death and not to determine a precise cause of death! Effectively the DA is therefore now asserting that there was no autopsy - which raises questions regarding the credibility of the report claiming it is one - since the purpose of all medical autopsies in every jurisdiction on the planet is to determine a cause of death and not merely to validate or dismiss a predetermined reason for someone's death. This particular assertion by the Berlin DA (see below) has now opened them up to legal liabilities on a whole range of issues, and especially criminal liability.

Thirteen other doctors and medical experts I contacted independently during the course of the months before we left also cast unequivocal doubt on the post-mortem report and its conclusions. The last response of the DA to our GP cited above is according to these lawyers (as well as one particular Berlin attorney I was in touch with before we left) that the Berlin DA’s actions and overall reasoning are all actionable in law (and also potentially criminal) and that, to quote this attorney in question, what the DA is saying in that letter cited above “is pure bullshit!” Welcome to a Germany increasingly being dominated by neo-Nazis infiltrating its system from all sides (while undermining and destabilizing German society in general) with the help of Russians, Israelis as well as the Yanks.

That aside,  other wheels were also turning at the time which made my final decision to get out of Germany ASAP and back to Australia. A law enforcement friend (and a comrade) with the German equivalent of the FBI (Bundeskriminalamt), who followed all of this from the beginning, also advised that we leave because the situation was getting dangerous for us, and off the record he confirmed that the Berlin DA's office was literally crawling with far-rightists and outright AfD sympathizers doing exactly what I am accusing them of here on this blog, not to mention elements of the local Berlin police. Here in Australia Nuri and I are safe, especially given that here there is a strong community of FSO which is directly connected to the Australian Aboriginal Sovereignty Movement, so corrupt far-right bureaucrats cannot simply come and snatch one's child away, as was being threatened at one point.

Be that as it may, the silver lining is that the shoddiness (and criminality) of the Berlin DA has virtually given me several leads to pursue them legally – and I will do that eventually because I am being encouraged by people in Germany far and wide to do so as well. However, for the time being, I will do this from here in Australia where Nuri particularly remains safe.

That stated, the utterly sinister role played in all these events by Nuri's elementary school, Hasengrund, and particularly its principal, from the events leading up to Roya's death all the way to its aftermath when I formally pulled Nuri out of the school altogether in early November, is also central to this story. The area in the back of Nuri's former elementary school occurs in the part of Niederschönhausen, Pankow that as of 2017 formally became an AfD electorate whereas previously it had been a mixed SPD and Die Linke one. We had had a problem with the school administration and their neglect of their legal duty of care in regards to the hygiene of the school before Roya died. One of the school's administrative staff - who obviously is an outright AfD voter - is also a colleague of a woman which Roya had gotten fired for racism in 2017/2018 from Nuri's last kindergarten in the area. Several times from 2018 to March of 2019 just before her passing, Roya had succeeded in thwarting the bottle-necking of this school and its admin over a variety of issues. However, after she passed away, and about two weeks later, and on the very day I concluded the preparations for Roya's funeral, the wheels of this racist school administration started to turn. They called me in making false accusations against Nuri, the nature of which is criminally actionable under German law. To make a long story short, the school principal later made a false child protection claim with the Jugenamt, and one obviously politically motivated: an allegation which (uncharacteristically) the Jugenamt itself soon dismissed as without foundation. Nevertheless, an Iranian lawyer working in Germany advised me that I drop Nuri's German citizenship altogether and make her a fully Australian citizen with a passport, because the policy of the German child social services (Jugenamt) throughout Germany is a policy of "germanization" and that countless families of mixed marriages - or single parents - in a similar situation such as myself had been targeted by this body in case after case with their children taken away. This attorney also believes that the DA's office was almost certainly behind the orchestrated harassment by Nuri's school, Hasengrund.

This last issue was the proverbial last straw and made my final decision to leave Germany permanently because it is becoming obvious that people of color, and ones particularly who have been married to Germans, are now being targeted by a totally corrupt, racist German system in the throes of a similar situation that Germany found itself in during the late 1920s and early 1930s. In other words, the institutional racism of the German system has as of 2017 gone from a passive to a fully active phase. Be as it may, this was no longer any place for us and so we left.

Finally, the pic above is of the balcony of our Berlin flat taken in 2013 and the pic below is of Roya in the same year.
رحمة الله و نوره عليها مِن أزل الى أبد

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