The "Russian trolls" who aren't even Russian

During 2017 the hacktivist wing of the Anarchist German Black Bloc revealed a composite of several individuals behind the Duginist website The Fourth Revolutionary War.  In particular I wanted to know who was behind the doxx post of that site written against me and who specifically was the character behind the alias Akira Kalashnikov. They revealed that where that particular blog post was concerned, four individuals were behind the pseudonym and its activity: Nate Abookire, Taylor Somers, Denis Giron and Alan Godlas! All four named individuals are white American males, who I consider (other than handfuls and to the exclusion of any other people) to be the veritable embodiment of the Wetiko and the engine propelling fascism in our time. The first three also have a long history with reactionary politics and online far-right circles. The last named floored me and I still remain somewhat incredulous about this individual being part of that crowd of professional far-right Strasserist-Duginist trolls. However, given that Alan Godlas (a dual PhD and Associate Professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia) was once revealed by David Fideler to me during 2010 to be an incredibly vindictive operator and someone to watch out for, that he would hide behind an alias and participate in the trolling activities of that crowd of degenerates would make some sense given that I publicly blew one of his covers in this 2016 piece when I revealed him as a prominent member of the Maryamiyyah cult of Nasr and Schuon. Note that the doxx post on the The Fourth Revolutionary War site was originally published less than two weeks after CounterPunch originally published my Maryamiyyah piece and then took it down due to veiled threats to the editors of CP initiated by none other than Mark Koslow, another white racist American male (who went from being a theist to a New Atheist) and who I contend, despite pretensions to the contrary, is a Maryamiyyah gatekeeper.

I have spoken of Abookire and Giron here before so refer to previous posts on this blog about them. Additionally I remain unconvinced that Alan Godlas is part of this crowd and, as a busy academic, even has the time to waste obsessively trolling the internet against political enemies, so will leave him out of any further discussion. But Taylor Somers is someone that needs to have further light thrown on them, and if I had my way, arrested and thrown in the bunk since this is one malevolent and subversive, criminal Strasserist-Duginist neo-Nazi troll from hell that seems to have no further preoccupation but to attack, troll, ridicule, defame and vilify enemies of the far-right, and specifically the enemies of Duginism. While Somers claims to be a “Stalinist”, the fact of the matter is that he is actually a Third Position Strasserist since National Bolshevism (which is essentially what Duginism amounts to) is no more than Strasserist neo-Nazism with a pro-Russian afterthought – or, rather, camouflage.

By his own admission, Taylor Somers works for the Internet Research Agency based in St. Petersburg, Russia which was directly named in the Mueller Report. But the online company he keeps leads me to believe that his pro-Russian identity is largely a smokescreen and that despite his professed anti-semiticism in public, he is actually an operator for the US Israel lobby (AIPAC). This is based on the manner in which this individual does things – which is identical to the tactics revealed in this documentary - and some of the individuals close to him who are all Jewish pro-Zionist neo-Nazi (NazBol) Strasserists, such as Spencer Goode (a former Bektashi Sufi turned Islamophobe and fascist), Abookire, Giron as well as others. Moreover, and as the past four years have proven, in this generation being a pro-Zionist and a supporter of the neo-Nazi far-right are not mutually exclusive. In fact these two have been openly colluding and rubbing shoulders in public since before even the (s)election of Donald Trump inasmuch as Zionism is indeed Jewish white supremacy while the Euro-American far-right, for its part, regularly fawns over and looks upon Israel as a model for its ‘white ethno-state’.

So what is the business of these fascists with me in the final days of 2019, particularly given that I stopped actively speaking about Dugin and his networks in 2018? Firstly, while not stopping it altogether, my 2016 Counterpunch article about Dugin did severe damage to the Duginist infiltration of social media. It has been cited far and wide (including by well known pundits like Gary Lachman) as well as translated into four languages that I know about, not to mention it provided a blue-print to others in how to understand and so tackle this menace. Second, my Maryamiyyah piece is another reason because I connected Dugin to Seyyed Hossein Nasr and his representatives in Iran such as Avani. Third, I managed to convince some elements of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the Russians (and Dugin and his networks in particular, especially given Dugin’s personal connection to rabid settler Zionists like Eskin) are bad news for Iran and not remotely sincere actors. Third, I was somewhat instrumental in getting Charles Upton interested to write a book-length sweeping indictment of Dugin. Fourth, my late wife’s prominence among certain German Left circles - and that I got the message out through her - not to mention her friendship with the German anti-AfD whistle-blower Franziska Schreiber who was responsible during 2018-2019 in taking down a far-right sympathizer in one of the highest federal offices in Germany is another reason. Fifth, while they claim differently, the fact is that I publicly joined the dots regarding the nexus of the Haifan Bahā’īs to the Euro-American far-right and its Russian franchise via Israel, not to mention to Dugin himself through individuals such as Arthur Logan Decker III, Giron and Abookire. Finally, there is a personal element motivating all of this with Taylor Somers, Abookire and Giron because with all their protracted attacks and trolling since 2016, I am still standing and remain as politically dangerous to them as I ever was.

Perhaps they believed that with the murder of my wife Kirsten Roya Azal (which they were very much involved in) via their German neo-Nazi contacts in Berlin they would once and for all shut me up. They have gravely miscalculated since I am in this fight for the long haul and will not rest until the day when their heads are on display upon proverbial spikes. But at least we all know now that the paragon “Russian troll” is not all that Russian after all. Most of them are actually as American as ‘mom and apple pie’.

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